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"A theatre goer since I was 2, I am now 26, I can not recall being as moved in so many directions as I was while watching Wicked."

- Matt B.

"If I could pick where I had to die, It would be at a performance of Wicked. If I could pick the last words that I heard, It would be the last note of the song "Defying Gravity." This show is utterly amazing!"

- Jen M.

"Wicked is a musical that does best what musicals are supposed to do: transport the audience beyond the world they know. Whether you dream of being Galinda/Glinda, the toast of society, or Elphaba, the beautifully misinterpreted outcast, Oz inspires you. What more is theater for?"

- Hols F.

"Wicked did it all for me. Wit, charm, excitement, romance, surprises, it's all there. If you're going to see a show in New York, see Wicked."

- John H.

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Tampa Bay P.A.C. - Carol Morsani Hall
Presents Wicked the Musical

Tampa Bay P.A.C. - Carol Morsani Hall Information Tampa Bay P.A.C. - Carol Morsani Hall Seating Chart Tampa Bay P.A.C. - Carol Morsani Hall Map Buy Wicked the Musical Tickets at Tampa Bay P.A.C. - Carol Morsani Hall

Tampa Bay P.A.C. - Carol Morsani Hall
1010 North W. C. MacInnes Place
Tampa, Florida 33602

Wicked the Musical (show information)
Playing: 02/21/07 - 03/11/07
Hurry, Tickets are still available!

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Tampa Bay P.A.C. - Carol Morsani Hall Information

The triumphant centerpiece of the performing arts complex is the 2,552-seat Carol Morsani Hall. The hall's proscenium is 60 feet high with a playing depth of 55 feet and a total stage width of 120 feet. When combined with an 11-story high backstage area, the enormous Carol Morsani Hall onstage and backstage areas easily accommodate major productions of Broadway musicals, operas, ballets and orchestral concerts. A 42-ton concert wall can be lowered for the orchestra and choral performances. The traditional horseshoe-shaped opera house has continental seating on four levels: orchestra, mezzanine, balcony and gallery. Excellent sight lines combine with impeccable acoustics to create a magnificent venue that rivals the great classical theaters of the world!

  1. Food and drinks generally are NOT permitted on stage or in the seating area of the theaters. By prior arrangement, drinks sometimes will be allowed at certain concerts. Additionally, some food and drinks are allowed in Jaeb Theater when in cabaret configuration. Smoking is never allowed in any theater.
  2. The stage availability is scheduled through the company's stage manager, director or designated representative. When the crew is on a meal break, the stage is NOT available. Please do not enter the stage when it is dark. As soon as the crew returns, the stage will be made available. If there are any questions regarding the schedule for stage availability, please consult your stage manager, director or a member of The Center's production staff.
  3. The loading dock area may be used as a crossover to the Playhouse and Jaeb stage. Please do not rehearse or congregate in the area, because the noise is heard throughout the theaters. Please stay within the marked path and do not wander. If a show is loading in or out, please use the crossover on the second floor. If you have any questions, please ask Security for directions.
  4. Please confine your production to your designated theater and its support areas. This is a large facility and productions frequently occur simultaneously. Our intention is to prevent unnecessary interruptions or awkward situations.
  5. Parking is not permitted in the loading dock area or in front of the loading dock doors. It is designated for loading and unloading only. If you are unloading items from your car, please do so and then move the car to one of the nearby parking lots.
  6. For security purposes, we ask that you enter and exit through the STAGE DOOR ONLY.
  7. If you expect to meet friends or relatives after a performance, direct them to the Stage Door only. Exceptions may be made available on a case-by-case basis. Please consult the production staff.
  8. The wardrobe room is for costume use only. Please do not do personal laundry.
  9. DO NOT climb onto or jump off of the stage apron. We will be happy to direct you to stairs leading into the auditorium.
  10. Please avoid touching or holding onto the stage drapes.
  11. Please do not place objects upon the pianos ? covered or uncovered.
  12. Consult the head electrician before plugging any equipment into the receptacles.
  13. Please do not remove chairs from the dressing rooms. We will supply you with any chairs you need.
  14. Please do not use adhesive labels on dressing room doors or mirrors.
  15. Alcoholic beverages are not to be brought into the building.
  16. Check all valuables with your stage manager. We cannot be responsible for property left in the dressing rooms.

Theater Information:
ORCHESTRA PIT #1 50 seats
ORCHESTRA PIT #2 64 seats
ORCHESTRA PIT #3 106 seats

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