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"A theatre goer since I was 2, I am now 26, I can not recall being as moved in so many directions as I was while watching Wicked."

- Matt B.

"If I could pick where I had to die, It would be at a performance of Wicked. If I could pick the last words that I heard, It would be the last note of the song "Defying Gravity." This show is utterly amazing!"

- Jen M.

"Wicked is a musical that does best what musicals are supposed to do: transport the audience beyond the world they know. Whether you dream of being Galinda/Glinda, the toast of society, or Elphaba, the beautifully misinterpreted outcast, Oz inspires you. What more is theater for?"

- Hols F.

"Wicked did it all for me. Wit, charm, excitement, romance, surprises, it's all there. If you're going to see a show in New York, see Wicked."

- John H.

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Wharton Center
Presents Wicked the Musical

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Wharton Center
Corner of Bogue & Shaw Lane
East Lansing, MI 48824

Wicked the Musical (show information)
Playing: 07/20/07 - 07/22/07
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Wharton Center Information

Pollstar Magazine, the industry source for concert and tour information, has released the top 100 international theatre venues based on tickets sold between January 1 and June 30, 2006. Wharton Center for Performing Arts, Michigan's largest performing arts center, is fifth on the list. Read more in the LANSING STATE JOURNAL

Wharton Center has established a NEW scholarship fund, known as SEATS 4 KIDS, to provide free tickets to local youth who could not other wise attend a performing arts event. Click here for more information or to give online

Wharton Center Policies

  • Photography & Recording Devices
    Use of cameras or recording devices is strictly prohibited by house policy at the request of the artisits. Please check cameras and recorders with House Management.
  • Children's Policy
    Infants and newborns are not permitted. Everyone attending must have a ticket. Children under 5 years of age are not permitted unless otherwise advertised. Parents will be asked to remove their child/children if they are causing disruptions or are unable to sit quietly.
  • Electronic Devices
    Please turn electronic devices to off or vibrate while in the theatre. This includes cellular phones, beepers and watches. If your beeper does not have this feature, please check in with House Management in room 209. They will monitor it for you.
  • In case of emergency
    Parents and doctors are advised to leave their seat location (located on ticket) and our emergency number, (517) 353-1982, with their sitter or service. You may also check in with House Management in room 209 if you are expecting a call.
  • Seating Policy
    Every effort is made to start performances at the announced hour unless there is an unavoidable delay. For the consideration of our patrons, anyone arriving while a performance is in progress will be seated only at times designated by the artist and their management. Late arriving patrons may be directed to seats in the rear of the theatre until intermission.
  • Smoking
    Public areas at Wharton Center are smoke free. Patrons are kindly requested to smoke outside the building.
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