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"A theatre goer since I was 2, I am now 26, I can not recall being as moved in so many directions as I was while watching Wicked."

- Matt B.

"If I could pick where I had to die, It would be at a performance of Wicked. If I could pick the last words that I heard, It would be the last note of the song "Defying Gravity." This show is utterly amazing!"

- Jen M.

"Wicked is a musical that does best what musicals are supposed to do: transport the audience beyond the world they know. Whether you dream of being Galinda/Glinda, the toast of society, or Elphaba, the beautifully misinterpreted outcast, Oz inspires you. What more is theater for?"

- Hols F.

"Wicked did it all for me. Wit, charm, excitement, romance, surprises, it's all there. If you're going to see a show in New York, see Wicked."

- John H.

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Wicked on Tour

Wicked the Musical is on Tour! The Tony Award winning show is visiting major cities across the United States. Wicked is also scheduled to show in Toronto, Canada, and London, England.

"So, what's all the hype about?" According to one theater goer, it's not hype at all - it's well deserved praises that have quickly launched Wicked into being one of the most popular theater productions in recent years.

"Wicked connects on several different levels," said Tom Thornington of Chicago. "You get drama, comedy, fantastic music and dramatic visual effects," Tom continued. "I haven't seen a show I enjoyed as much since I saw the West Side Story many many years ago."

Tom's not alone. Several theater goers concur. Wicked is sensational.

Fans aren't the only people praising Wicked the Musical - the press has had plenty of good words about the Broadway hit. Terry Teachout of The Wall Street Journal praises, "HOORAY! BROADWAY'S GOT A BIG NEW MUSICAL THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH TO RUN FOR A DECADE OR TWO! If it doesn't please you, you're too tough to please. It's funny and touching and full of beans (not to mention child-friendly)."

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Where is Wicked on Tour Playing?

Hurry and buy tickets to see Wicked in the city closest to you.

New York City, NY- Gershwin Theater Baltimore, MD - Hippodrome Performing Arts
Boston, MA - Boston Opera House Chicago, IL - Ford Center of Performing Arts
Dallas, TX - Music Hall at Fair Park Denver, CO - Temple Buell Theatre
East Lansing, MI - Wharton Center Houston, TX - Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center
London, England - Apollo Victoria Theatre Los Angeles, CA - Pantages Theatre
Philadelphia, PA - Academy of Music Portland, OR - Keller Auditorium
Providence, RI - Providence Performing Arts Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre
Tampa, FL - P.A.C. - Carol Morsani Hall Tempe, AZ - Gammage Auditorium
Toronto, ON, Canada - Canon Theatre  

What's being said about Wicked on Tour

From Wicked The Musical Web Site:

"WICKED has every piece of the Great American Musical, and even defines the genre in its current evolution. It is altogether thrillifying."
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Wicked has all that a thrill-seeking theatergoer could want in a musical: stunning stage magic, splendid singing actors, a witty twist on a beloved story.”
The Miami Herald

“Theater’s newest and most enchanting heroines landed this week…the season’s best musical and most entertaining experience.”

"Spellbinding. Magical. Bewitching, even. This Broadway phenomenon lives up to its hype."
The Tampa Tribune

“Ding dong, we’ve got a hit. Like a Christmas stocking packed with goodies, this show has so many delights to offer, it’s hard to know where to begin.”
Toronto Star

“WICKED explodes onto the stage with all the glitz, colour, pizzazz – the sheer ebullient confidence – that makes a show a hit on the Great White Way.”
Toronto Sun

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