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"A theatre goer since I was 2, I am now 26, I can not recall being as moved in so many directions as I was while watching Wicked."

- Matt B.

"If I could pick where I had to die, It would be at a performance of Wicked. If I could pick the last words that I heard, It would be the last note of the song "Defying Gravity." This show is utterly amazing!"

- Jen M.

"Wicked is a musical that does best what musicals are supposed to do: transport the audience beyond the world they know. Whether you dream of being Galinda/Glinda, the toast of society, or Elphaba, the beautifully misinterpreted outcast, Oz inspires you. What more is theater for?"

- Hols F.

"Wicked did it all for me. Wit, charm, excitement, romance, surprises, it's all there. If you're going to see a show in New York, see Wicked."

- John H.

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Wicked Reviews

We believe that the word-of-mouth publicity for Wicked the Musical has made it the phenominal hit that it is today. We frequently hear that many people who see the show recommend it to friends or buy tickets to see the show again. One person in particular related to us that they recommended the show to over 150 friends and relatives. The talk about Wicked isn't just hype. Read the reviews below from both press and regular audiences.

Theater-Goer Reviews and Praises for Wicked

"My husband and I just got back from seeing the show on Saturday and we both thought it was fantastic!!! I loved, loved, loved the score and during "Defying Gravity" all the hair on my body stood up on end. I know I will put the CD in my car and listen to it constantly until it is committed to memory. It was just thrilling to see and I did not want the show to end. That is why I was looking at the different web links - to find out when the CD would be released.

This is a very strong score and book with great casting - the leads complement each other so well. The second act was very moving (I was crying). There was a good balance between humor and poignancy. It should win every Tony award this year! I think I am more of a fan of the whole show than one particular cast member. I really enjoyed Ms. Menzel's voice, it has such emotive strength. I thought her role was very demanding physically and emotionally and that she captured the character wonderfully well (I can't imagine what kind of facials she is going to need to get that green out of her skin). Ms. Chenowyth also does a great job - her voice sparkles and her comedic timing is spot on. Everyone else at the theatre seemed to enjoy it as well. We were all on the edge of our seats. It felt like there was a great rapport between the audience and the cast. When that happens it is a combination of all of the forces working together seamlessly. It felt like the show was "of a piece", as we say in painting; one part did not jump out as a separate entity. It all worked together. I will always remember how it felt to see and hear it all for the first time.

- Stephanie T. of Maine

"I have gotten ten families going to New York now and only to see Wicked. The music is so superior, the costumes breathtaking, the script sharp, but most of all decent for all members of the family to see. New York hasn't even grasped the concept of what has happened by having this wonderful production in their city."

- M.L. of Virginia

I ordered the CD in January 2004 when I saw the cover art in Show People magazine. It's great art! I was washing dishes when I played the CD and stopped dead in my tracks when I heard Idina sing "Wizard and I." After that, I was hooked. I finally went to NYC to see a Broadway show like I always wanted to do. I saw Wicked 3 times on Broadway including the entire original cast, which was amazing! At the time I heard it, I was going through a divorce and a lot of change in my life and the combination of lyrics and music and Idina's performance were so inspiring to me. I'm a professional musician who is also involved in community theater. I've played the Leading Player in Pippin and Cain/Japeth in Children of Eden, and I've played keyboard and done music direction for Godspell. Long live Stephen Schwartz!!

- Brian of Cinncinat


Press Reviews of Wicked

USA Today

"Remember the last time an original Broadway musical made you laugh, cry and think -- in the right places and for the right reasons? WICKED IS THE MOST COMPLETE, AND COMPLETELY SATISFYING, NEW MUSICAL I'VE COME ACROSS IN A LONG TIME. Winnie Holzman's libretto juggles winning irreverence with thoughtfulness and heart. Kristin Chenoweth is ideally cast as Glinda, a dizzy blonde whose peppy facade belies a fragile heart, while Idina Menzel's Elphaba is a powerfully human sorceress, particularly when delivering haunting new songs by Stephen Schwartz. Joel Grey and Carole Shelley shine. Add in tunes that you can actually leave the theatre humming, and you have a thoroughly enchanting experience. WICKED IS A TRIUMPH!"

- Elysa Gardner, USA Today

Entertainment Weekly

"In this lavishly designed reimagining of 'The Wizard of Oz', WICKED'S WITCHES, PLAYED BY THE PULL-OUT-THE-STOPS IDINA MENZEL as the Wicked Witch of the West AND THE GLITTERING KRISTIN CHENOWETH as Glinda, REALLY MAKE MAGIC."

- Alice King, Entertainment Weekly

The Wall Street Journal

"HOORAY! BROADWAY'S GOT A BIG NEW MUSICAL THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH TO RUN FOR A DECADE OR TWO! If it doesn't please you, you're too tough to please. It's funny and touching and full of beans (not to mention child-friendly). Kristin Chenoweth finally has a full-fledged star part that's worthy of her. Broadway buffs have been waiting for her to land a bona fide star part in a successful show. Well, this is it. She sings like a cherub and acts like a damned good actress, and Stephen Schwartz has written her a show-stopping comic turn. I can't imagine anyone in the world have done a better job as Glinda. It's going to make her a star right this minute. Idina Menzel nails her co-starring part with equal aplomb. Not only does she look great in green, but she blends pathos and warmth in just the right proportions. Joel Grey, bless him, is back on stage. Stephen Schwartz has given us the most poignant new Broadway ballad to come along in ages. Wayne Cilento has choreographed with dapper precision -- this show moves. You'll be enchanted by director Joe Mantello and set designer Eugene Lee's miraculously elaborate-looking Kingdom of Oz. GO!"

- The Wall Street Journal, Terry Teachout



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